Welding System

SAW Welding System


This is the two-headed straight welding equipment of SAW used for Jack Up Rig welding in marine plants and straight welding of various plants.

Pipe Rotator

HW-PR 600/800/1000​

This is a device used for fixing pipes as the welding parent material, operating semi- or automatic welding of flanges or elbows. It can control rotation and angle and is also used for applied welding such as straight and bent pipes.


HW-MP 2020/3030/4040/5050/6060

As an equipment used for automatic welding operation of pipes and large tanks, straight welding can be operated by fastening welding torches to the front of its boom which is able to be moved along the X-Y axis and control its speed, or circumference welding can be operated by combination with rotating rollers and positioners.


HW-MP 100/300/500

This is an welding automation equipment that can load and fix the welding parent materials, rotate them 360° and adjust tilt angle up to 135° in the vertical direction, and is able to be used in combination with manipulators. The adjustment of rotation speed and tilt angle can be controlled respectively.

Turning Roller

HW-SAT 5/10/20/40/60/100/200

This is a device which enables automatic and manual welding operation by placing welding base materials such as pipes or pressure vessels on rubber coating wheels and adjusting the rotation speed in forward or reverse. It can adjust the wheel intervals according to the specification of welding parent materials, and can be used for automatic welding operation in combination with manipulators.

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